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Neon Bitch

There's a Bad Bitch in Here, if You See Her Point Her Out 2012


ragus 2016

Single channel video

Middlesex Lounge 2013

Single channel video

Sunrise at Brooke Farm

Sunrise at Brooke Farm

Sunrise at Brook Farm 2012

Performance as part of WHITE WALLS BOSTON'S USAVE! 24 HR GLOSSOLALIA exhibition in West Roxbury

Day Pussy, March 2012

Day Pussy, March 2012

Day Pussy, The Hallway 2013

Day Pussy, Chillith Bear 2013

Day Pussy, The Bear Cages 2013


Queercore performance art band, performing in music venues and arts spaces

Day Pussy Trailers: ONE and TWO


Day Pussy has also played @ [RIP] The Whitehaus & The Mothership in Jamaica Plain, Port d'Or in Brooklyn, 19 Maple in Northampton, Weirdo Records in Cambridge and The Grossman Gallery @ SMFA

I and U Installation

I and U 2012

Two channel video installation collaboration with Paul Ishii

I'm Not Your Best Option

I'm Not Your Best Option 2012

On-the-down-low performance for Open Studios at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Untitled (Container) 2012

Single channel video

The Ladies' Room

The Ladies' Room

The Ladies' Room 2012

Performance in the Men's Room at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Untitled with Paul

Untitled with Paul 2012

Performance collaboration with Paul Ishii on Huntington Avenue, Boston

Santa Fe Sunset

Santa Fe Sunset 2010-2011

Durational gallery performance at the Sullivan Galleries, Chicago

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R/K 2010

Single channel video with sound by Patrick Cole